Gift Card Program

Offer Gift Cards to Your Customers – Increase Sales!

In-store displays are used to merchandise gift cards much like any small impulse-buy product—by the register with counter signs and colorful card hangers. Customers can purchase a gift card with cash, check or credit card for whatever dollar amount they desire. The amount they purchased is then recorded as “stored value” or “prepaid” in the host database.

Boost and Extend Holiday Season Sales

Gift cards are quickly becoming the most popular holiday presents, with more than two-thirds of U.S. shoppers buying an average of 4-5 cards in 2005, according to a survey of about 17,500 consumers by accounting firm Deloitte & Touche. Gift cards help boost sales and extend the holiday shopping season, bringing in consumers long after the holiday shopping season has passed.

More Full Price Sales

According to Retail Card Forum, shoppers using prepaid gift cards and certificates are more likely to pay full price in retail stores than shoppers using other media, according to recent research by Daniel R. Horne, assistant professor of marketing at Providence College, RI. Horne’s survey found that 40% of shoppers that used a retailer’s gift card purchased items at full price, compared to only 16% of shoppers who used other payment methods.

Our Low-Cost, Quick Startup Program

You can use our startup program to begin generating income immediately with your own gift cards. You’ll receive 100 gift cards personalized with your business name, retail display materials, and complete account setup – including live phone training. Within about a week, you will receive your imprinted and encoded cards (a little longer for custom-designed gift cards). We will set up your account to process gift card transactions and ship your startup package to you right away, so you will be able to put out your card display, sit back, and watch the program pay for itself.

Monthly summary reports of all transaction activity are provided to you via mail, email or fax. Also, a variety of program management reports are available to you 24/7 online. For example, you can easily generate Transaction Detail reports that list every gift card transaction for specified periods of time.

Virtually every type of merchant-restaurants, bookstores, day spas, sporting goods stores, whatever you can think of-are experiencing gift card success every day. Programs are available for any size merchant, from single location merchants to on-the-move, 100+ location franchises – but our startup program is specifically designed for smaller merchants who are looking for an easy-to-implement, low-cost way to get started selling gift cards. Contact Us now to get started!