About enCards

What is enCards

enCards is a Card Issuer and a registered ISO for Merchant Processing! enCards is also a financial tool that provides geo-targeting marketing techniques for local businesses. By issuing cards to clearly defined communities such as Universities, participating merchants can inexpensively deliver messages to this community and track the success of their marketing campaigns.

Mission Statement

Part of our success is due to our focus on the details. We know every transaction is important – to the customer, the merchant, our partners and our company. That’s why we deliver the technology, training, support and systems to make the entire process an exceptional experience for everyone. We pride ourselves on our integrity and authenticity. Our success is demonstrated in every transaction.

About Us

Financial services are technology driven and needs change rapidly. Our company was created explicitly to guide the implementation process for institutions to issue affinity Prepaid Visa debit cards to their customers while solving the financial disbursements of checks. We see change as a positive catalyst to better serve clients’ successes and to reduce administration costs as institutions implement proven technology through standard interfaces.

We issue payroll, non-branded, instant-issue, gift, rewards and other promotional cards suitable for various business, affinity group, or non-profit organization needs. Virtually all the technology that drives electronic banking, electronic funds transfer and debit card solutions, electronic presentment and payment, financial account processing, financial aid services, cash management systems and student financial aid disbursements are enCards’ standard products.

Our Card Program

30 million+ merchants currently honor our cards
17 million cards are currently in circulation utilizing our technology
24-hour live operator available to assist cardholders

Merchant Services

In the rapidly evolving and highly competitive merchant transaction processing market, you need to be able to rely on a company that is as committed to your success as you are. We are unique in our understanding of the powerful relationships that enCards has established with our cardholders and each of our merchants.

Our Commitment

Competitive Rates and Fees Click here for more information.
Quality Customer Service
24-Hour Helpdesk
Easy-to-Read Statements
Value-Added Products
Service and Price Guarantee
Direct Access to President/CEO