Simplify Your Payments

Our company solves financial aid and cash disbursement challenges. Today our proprietary reporting / paperless software application is physically installed at over 750 Higher Educational Institutions. Our systems have accurately and securely processed millions of checks nationwide representing billions of financial aid dollars distributed to students. Our proprietary systems seamlessly can convert these paper checks to an electronic transfer and load these funds directly onto your students’ Prepaid Visa® debit cards.

Our experts will tailor the process to your institution’s specific routing, security, and data needs. File copies and direct deposit advice can be loaded directly onto the student’s Prepaid Visa debit card. This process is very affordable, incredibly secure, and your financial aid staff’s routine only changes for the better! You can also e-mail Direct Deposit Statements direct from your current system.

We begin by adding multiple layers of encryption and security of our own to your system. A key feature of our process is that none of the data resides on local PCs or lays exposed on external servers. It always sits securely locked away in your database.

Our proprietary application allows your system to electronically send account reconciliation information to your bank as another barrier to fraud. Our reporting will also notify the banks which cards you’ve issued and loaded, to whom, and in what amount.

Higher Educational Institutions